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developer:Griaule Fingerprint Recognition
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platform: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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Desktop Login

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Description:   Do you want to gain time and convenience on logging on to Windows? Desktop Login uses fingerprints to provide an easy way to log on to Windows. It replaces the standard username and password login with a fingerprint identification procedure. To set it up, you need to register your fingerprints with Desktop Login, linking them to your user account. Then, when you touch the fingerprint reader, Desktop Login compares the scanned fingerprint with the ones stored in its database to verify your identity. If there is a match, it submits your account information to Windows.
Desktop Login features:

- Multiple reader support: including Microsoft Fingerprint reader, Digital Persona U.are.U, Secugen Hamster, Testech Bio-I and Crossmatch V300/V500.

- Assign a user by many ways: logging using only password, logging using only fingerprint, logging using either password or fingerprint, logging using both fingerprint and password.

- High security: no chance of someone forgetting or telling someone else their password.
- Easy to use: there is no need to change the target application or writing a single line of code, therefore you do not need to know or learn anything about programming to use it.

- Trial pack available: you can download our Trial Pack and test it and use it non-commercially for 90 days. Once you decide to purchase the FULL or LIGHT edition, you won't need even to reinstall the software!

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